Seducing the Enemy by Anna J. Evans
Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419911408
Reviewed by Sharon



Jorunn, Prince of Endelvea, must find the missing sacred sword of his forefathers. If he doesnít find it soon, the present king may be legally overthrown. Jorunnís search has led him to the bar Heavenís Gate, where he is propositioned by the lovely Astrid. 

But Astrid is not simply looking for a good time with the handsome prince.  She plans to kidnap and marry Jorunn to fulfill the prophecy that Jorunnís father tried to circumvent when he killed all the males of Astridís tribe and banished all the females to a hostile planet fifteen years ago.   The prophecy foretold that ďan Artuan first daughter would sit at the left hand of the king, but be as his right.Ē  As Astrid is the first daughter of her Artuan tribe, she plans to become queen to restore her people to their rightful place. 

Seducing the Enemy invoked different emotions within me.  I was amused at some of Astridís reactions during her seduction of Jorunn.  Astrid had never seen a naked man before, much less an aroused naked man, and her curiosity warring with her desire lead to some humorous (and hot) moments.  I was aroused by the passion each inspired in the other.  For an innocent, Astrid certainly brought the heat Ė Iím sure all of Jorunnís sexiness inspired her.  I was sympathetic for the two star-crossed almost-lovers once they realized they couldnít be together. And I was confused because of the conclusion.  Although there was no mention of a sequel, the ending left me wondering if these two could and would fulfill the prophecy.  Hopefully, I wonít have to wait for long. 


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