Secrets Inc. Lick Me by Justine Paper
Mardi Gras Publishing
Erotica- Mťnage/Paranormal
ISBN: 1-934329-53-3
Reviewed by Bella



Secrets, Inc. is a nightclub but itís also an organization founded by sorcerers who recognize that their powers are dying due to dilution from breeding.  In order for power and magic to be restored, they have to be sexually joined with another who also has magic.

The two sorcerers, Jacob and Neil, have recognized the magical powers in Tina, Jacobís new assistant, as well as Megan, inventory clerk.  Tina and Jacob are to be mates and Neil and Megan are to be life mates.  However, in order for them to truly feel their magic at its most potent, they must all have sex together, in an act of sexual fantasy.  While using some of his telepathic powers, Neil learns of Meganís darkest fantasy.  But will she allow her fantasies to be fulfilled?

Secrets Inc. Lick Me was a fast and fun read, if youíre looking for a quick respite between deeper storylines.  Jacob and Neil somehow already know about their magic and what needs to be done for it to be restored, although thatís not quite mentioned, itís assumed.  

Almost ĺ of the story is the steamy sexual activity itself, which is nice, if you donít care about plot and resolution. The end of the story leaves me wondering if theyíve truly unlocked their powers, and if so, what will they do with it?  As a stand alone story, it feels a little disconnected, and I have to admit feeling a little disappointed, once I got to the last page, and realized nothing else was forthcoming.  I would have to say that Secrets Inc. Lick Me was only so-so, but I would be interested in reading more if Justine Paper continued this story in another work, with more plot and character development.


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