Scarís Conquest by Isabella Jordan
Amber Quill Press
ISBN 978-1-60272-031-2
Reviewed by Rosemary



Captain Camilla Raines shuttle is pulled through a black hole in space; they crash land on an unknown planet.  Camilla and her female crew are discovered by strange, wolf like creatures that can shift into human form.

Scar is the leader of the all male shifters; he claims the badly injured Camilla and nurses her back to health.  To him, the women mean survival for the shifters.

Scarís Conquest is a sexy version of lost in space.  Scar is compassionate and sexy.  He conquers Camilla with seduction of her senses and sensual lovemaking, his focus completely on her needs.  Camilla finds Scar very appealing and really appreciates his stamina during sexual encounters.  When Camilla learns that returning to earth is not an option, she accepts her new life with Scar.  I like Isabella Jordanís rendition of space travel and hope to see more in the future.


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