Savage Shores by Emma Wildes
The Improper Ladies, Book 1
Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1-933563-77-X
Reviewed by Tanya



Jenna Hayward is a young English woman on her way to visit her father, the general, when a storm ravages the vessel she is on and it sinks.  As she is thrown off the ship she lands on a man who holds onto her and keeps her afloat when she passes out.

Jonathan and his valet Charles are thrown from Jenna’s boat and watch as Anthony jumps in to save himself.  They all stay together, hanging onto pieces of the ship.  When they awake the next morning they are on the beach of an uninhabited island.  Uninhabited by humans that is, there are large snakes as well as jaguars they must contend with.

The longer they are on the island the more Jenna is aware of their attraction to her, as well as hers to them.  She decides that they are all starting to become a bit possessive of her and comes up with a way to keep the peace.  But, what will happen if they are rescued?  Will her suggestion create further problems?

Now this is the way to be lost at sea.  Savage Shores is a very erotic read with likeable and sensible characters.  The characters plan to be on the island for the long haul and have to be concerned about shelter, food and basic needs in general.  Emma Wildes does a fantastic job of writing in not only the naivety of the main character but how 3 worldly gentlemen deal with it.  Super steamy read for the upcoming beach season, let your imagination run wild.  Savage Shores is the start of another winning series by Emma Wildes.


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