Sacred Revelations by Roxy Harte
Liquid Silver Books
BDSM/Menage Erotic Romance
ISBN 1-59578-326-1
Reviewed by Bella



Celia Brentwood has been through hell and back.  Brutalized by her former boss, she’s rescued by her Master, Garrett Lawrence, sometimes known as Ice.  After recovering from her injuries, she agrees to seek her darkness at the hands of Dominant Sadist Thomas Stephanopolis, also known as Lord Fyre.

Lord Fyre has her for three months, during which time she comes to realize she loves both men and can’t bear to not have both of them in her life.  The two men complete her, two halves of her, Fyre and Ice, darkness and light.  Will the men share her, or will she find herself losing both of them?

Sacred Revelations is the story of one woman’s dark journey of emotional and physical pain and rebirth into herself.  It’s a raw and often a disturbing look into Celia’s psyche, all at once delicate and strong.  Loving two very different Dominant men, first Garrett, then Thomas, as Lord Fyre, it takes a journey into her own darkness to appreciate Garrett’s light.

Celia battles many demons in this story, including her religious family, her past and the battle that rages within her regarding her masochistic, submissive desires.  There is sex involved, but that really doesn’t seem to be the focus here.  What really seems to surge to the forefront is the dark tone of the story, the agony and the ecstasy of Celia’s inner discovery of love:  of herself, and of the two men who love her in return.  The tumultuous twists of this complex plot made Sacred Revelations a difficult read at times.  However, if you enjoy intense plots with BDSM/Menage themes, you’ll enjoy Sacred Revelations.


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