Revamped by Crystal B. Bright
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance, Multicultural
ISBN: 1-58608-969-2
Reviewed by Sharon



Seth Overkill, leader of the vampires, suffers from OCD and Agoraphobia.  This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if Seth didn’t also suffer from Mysophobia, a fear of germs, which greatly inhabits his ability to bite anyone to feed.  If Seth doesn’t feed by Reckoning Day, then all of the vampires will disintegrate and the Master from Hell will take over the world

Searching for a cure, Seth turns to the one person who is supposed to protect him, his Ayudante, Elaine “Lainey” Puro Shrink.  Luckily for him, Lainey is actually a psychiatrist, and is willing to take on this new client.  Unluckily for him, Lainey doesn’t believe in vampires. She doesn’t remember knowing him when she was a child and she has no idea what an Ayudante is, nor why she should cure a so-called “vampire” so he can feed again.  But this shrink needs to heal herself because Lainey is experiencing very erotic and exotic dreams featuring the nutcase known as Seth. 

Revamped offers a new twist on the vampire tale – I love the idea of a vampire afraid to bite anyone’s neck because of germs – which sounds pretty reasonable to me, actually.  Seth and Lainey strike sparks off each other and they practically set the sheets afire when they finally do the horizontal mambo.  There are several other interesting minor stories in Revamped.  I just wished Ms. Bright had either concluded the issues these stories brought up or deleted them all together; I hate not knowing how things work out.  If you want to know how things worked out with Seth and Lainey (and the world), pick up a copy of Revamped.


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