Reflections by Camille Anthony
Paranormal, BDSM
ISBN : 978-1-59596-711-4
Reviewed by Nellie


Narcissus, the son of Zeus and from his namesake in Greek mythology, is so in love with his reflection in a pool, he is oblivious to everything else around him, except his reflection. So tired were the gods by Narcissus they sent Eleiades to kill him. Eleiades became so enamored by Narcissus and that he has to either go against the gods and become Narcissusís dominant or kill him. Will he dare go against the godís or protect the one thing that has captured his interest since bondage?

Reflections from beginning to end, was foreplay that eventually led to sex. To be honest this was my first gay BDSM and I did not like at all. The storyline was weak and not much captured my interest.


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