Rediscovering Thor by Kate Hill
Cerridwen Press
ISBN 9781419909023
Reviewed by Rosemary



Driving to a top-secret government facility in Boston, Portland, Ellis, a language expert, jumped at the chance to act as interpreter for a man who has allegedly existed since the Viking age.  Viking warrior, Eadred, awakens in modern day Boston, completely alone in a terrifying world.

Portland and Eadred are instantly attracted to each other.   Portland is afraid of passion, but the more time she spends with Eadred, the more she is drawn to him.  The only thing keeping Eadred from staking his claim for Portland is his lack of income.

Rediscovering Thor is a charming and tender love story.  Kate Hill gives a peek at the intricate web of the top secret underground.  I enjoyed the sexy Eadred and the funny interaction between the characters.  Rediscovering Thor is a clever mixture of time periods and a good read.


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