Recipe for Love by Nina Nash
Valentine Vixens
Ellora’s Cave
Valentine Vixens / Quickie / Contemporary
ISBN: 1-4199-0813-2
Reviewed by Jo



Gabriella loves her Tom, but lately he has been too busy and tired to be interested in sex unless Gabi initiates it.  That is not a problem for Gabi, but she feels that they are stalled in their relationship.  Gabi knows that Tom loves her and she can’t imagine a life without Tom, however it would be nice if he showed it to her without any coaxing.  Early Valentine’s Day morning, Gabi receives a call from her grandmother asking her to come immediately to her home.  When Gabi arrives, she is astounded by the story that her grandmother tells her – one that is backed up by her aunt.  Can it be possible that her family has a special dessert recipe that causes the man who eats it to be overwhelmed by his love?  Gabi knows there is only one way to find out, and it is Valentine’s Day after all.

Recipe for Love is about a secret family recipe that has been passed down through generations of the women in Gabriella’s family.  It takes a lot before Gabi actually believes the stories, but then she wonders and hopes that this might be the final nudge to take her and Tom over the top of their love.  I watched and wondered while Gabi went though various stages that morning.  Once she decided to accept it, nothing would hold Gabi back from making dinner and dessert and then hoping that she would be gifted as had the other women in her family.  I found Recipe for Love to be a sweet story with a bit of heat.  After reading this, you just might take a longer look the next time cannoli is offered on your dessert tray.


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