Rebuilding Forever by Natalie J. Damschroder
Amber Heat
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60272-055-8
Reviewed by Tera



Seth Graham finally has his life on the right track. He’s kicked drugs and alcohol. He and his best mate’s band, Blue Silver, have reunited and are almost finished with their new album and then they’ll be going on tour. And he’s also been reunited with his ex-wife of fifteen years who walked out on him when he couldn’t get his shit together. But even with his upcoming wedding to Cassie, something is still bothering him—dreams about his best mate, Julian Manchester. And not just any dreams. Sexual dreams.

Cassie Bryant knows there’s something amiss with Seth, but she has a hard time getting him to finally admit what it is. She’s excited for the wedding and she knows that she and Seth will work this time. Things are different now. Better. But what’s she supposed to do about his dreams about Julian?

I enjoyed Rebuilding Foreverright until the very end. The different thoughts and emotions that were racing through Cassie and Seth were very real. I liked the honesty between them and the fact that Cassie didn’t get all weird and angry about it. Instead, she accepted it and worked through it with Seth. Julian seemed like a great guy to hang out with and, if I was in Cassie’s shoes, I’d have had no problem figuring something out to do with Seth and Julian, either. But at the end, I was disappointed. It felt extremely unresolved to me. I wanted to know what the hell ended up happening with the three of them, where things stood, but I never got a definitive answer.


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