Promise Pt. 1 by Michael Barnette
Book Three in the Through Neon Eyes Serial
Mojocastle Press
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 1-60180-025-8
Reviewed by Tera Cuskaden



David Jessman has been stolen from one company by a tough competitor because of the outstanding work he has done in his field of research. Too bad he canít think about his work at all when he knows what he has waiting at home for him. A yummy gunwhore that has just given him the sexiest night of his life. Who needs to think about experiments when you can think about that instead? But what is he going to do when he runs out of money to keep Bells there?

Bells was paid and assigned to kill David Jessman. The company heíd been stolen from didnít like the thought of his knowledge being used at a competitorís place of business. But such is the norm for the business world. But when Bells sets eyes on Jessman and has a rousing night of passion with him, will he be able to carry through his orders? Or will the two men from different worlds find a way to overcome their obstacles.

Promise Pt. 1 really didnít do a whole lot for me. While it was well-written, I felt the characters had long, involved thoughts going on during moments when they probably wouldnít be thinking that deeply. Namely, during sex. It felt very unnatural to me. Also, there were quite a few proofing errors that, when I did get interested in the storyline, jolted me right back out of it. Another thing I noticedóin eighty-six pages, there are no chapter breaks, which made it hard to pause and come back to it. While I couldnít get into the storyline, I do feel that is probably due to the fact that this is only one book out of a series.


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