Prince of Seduction by Donna Grant
The Royal Chronicles, Book 2
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy Romance
Reviewed by Cassie



After being left by her fiancťe on their wedding day, Marin Chapel is understandably upset.  A few months later, she travels to Scotland with her best friend Rhonda.  There, she meets a sexy, mysterious Scotsman.

Elric Sinclair is on a mission.  He must find his destined mate before a Fae curse destroys his familyís entire kingdom.  With the help of one of the Fae, he travels to modern-day Scotland and meets Marin.  Will he be able to convince her to come with him before itís too late?

Prince of Seduction was an enjoyable time-travel tale.  I liked Marinís inner strength and matter-of-fact nature.  Sexy, strong, and Scottish Elric made a great hero.  Prince of Seduction also had some action at the end, as not everyone wants Elric to succeed in his mission.  If you like fantasy, time-travel, and Scotsmen, check out Donna Grantís Royal Chronicles. 

*Note: Although this is book 2 of The Royal Chronicles, I thought it stood on its own very well.  But it did make me want to read book 1* 


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