Poseidon's Prophesy by Allie Standifer
The Poseidon Brothers, Book 1
ISBN: 1-60186-122
Reviewed by Michelle



Dr. Clio Foster is a Nautical Archeologist intent on searching out the scrolls her parents found right before they lost their lives.  She has dedicated her life to finding and deciphering them but unwittingly blurts out their existence to her media hungry Department Head.  She is overcome with a strange weakness at the press conference upon her meeting with the Poseidon Brothers.  This begins her adventure in to the exciting world of the immortals and the prophecy that has been passed down through the ages.

Kryssin Poseidon's annoyance at having to follow Phoenix's, their Oracle, cryptic messages quickly turns to apprehension at the fact he is the first to find his soul keeper.  His joy at finding his soul keeper is offset by the feeling he isn't worthy to be the first.  He bungles his meeting with Clio by disregarding her in his assumption that her friend, Tara Masters, is the one entrusted with his soul.

Tensions develop quickly between Clio and Kryssin as well as the added disruption of the rest of the dominant Poseidon brothers.  Her disbelief and confusion at the new reality she is thrust into are compounded by her developing attraction to Kryssin, despite his arrogance and bungled attempts at wooing her.  Clio as an intellectual modern woman repeatedly clashes with the Poseidon brothers' old world values and ideas.

The fast paced and exciting world that unfolds in Poseidon's Prophecy ensnared me from the first chapter.  The action and adventure kept me riveted as the deepening of Clio and Kryssin's relationship added a spicy punch.  The added interplay between Clio and the rest of the Poseidon brothers, especially Zale, added another layer of liveliness to the story that kept it entertaining from beginning to end.  I will definitely be waiting with bated breathe for further discoveries by the Poseidon brothers in their quest to fulfill the Prophecy.


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