Plain Jane by Paige Burns and Tiffany Aaron
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-322-9
Reviewed by Jo



Jane Van Poppel is secretly visiting the office gym after work.  She isn’t really looking for a prince charming, but she does want to get rid of some extra pounds and tone up.  Jane believes she will not be found out because it is only used by a couple of people.  However, one night she gets to the dressing room just in time to see a wonderful example of male dressing commando.  Embarrassed by walking in on someone, Jane decides to go brazen and comments on what she sees.  To her horror, when the man turns around, it’s her boss.

Josh Anderson has wanted Jane since he hired her, but he has a “hands off employees” rule.  He has avoided her until the night she walks in on him in the gym dressing room.  Josh is not going to let this opening pass him by, even when Jane, horrified, runs away.  When Josh catches up with Jane the heat that erupts is quick and hot.

Jane and Josh begin a really bumpy relationship, starting with their first date.  Josh is not going to let his reputation as a playboy destroy what might be his best relationship ever.  Jane is so insecure with how others see her and just can’t believe that someone like Josh would want to have a serious relationship with her.  When Josh’s malicious family decides to interfere, will Jane see the light or let them and her insecurities damage what she and Josh have?

I requested to review Plain Jane because it was a challenge to myself.  I rarely enjoy first person books, however, this is a major exception and I’m so glad that I did it.  Jane and Josh are on two totally different levels in background and experience.  Jane is so sure that Josh is just playing with her that she looks for faults from the beginning.  Josh quickly knows that his relationship with Jane could be his forever.  The misunderstandings and humor that run though Plain Jane just make it that much more of an outstanding story.  Even if you never read first person books, I recommend that you try this one.  Since both authors each did one character, they are both in first person and therefore you get the feelings and thoughts of both of them, which are usually missing from a first person style of writing.  Plain Jane is a hot, sexy and fun book to read and I think it is a must read for everyone.  I am hoping the Ms. Burns and Ms. Aaron do another book of this type soon.


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