Picture Perfect by Sally Sorenson
Amira Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-934475-00-3
Reviewed by Cassie



Connor Stark is a photographer on assignment in Turkey.  While there, he keeps catching glimpses of tour guide Natasha Plakouris.  Heís intrigued, but sheís scheduled to lead another tour and he has a train to catch in a few days.  Will these two ever manage to meet?

Picture Perfect was very different from anything else Iíve read.  I really liked the setting.  Capable Natasha and talented but shuttered Connor were interesting characters, and I loved secondary character Agatha Button-Finch.  The twists and turns of the story had me wondering if Natasha and Connor would ever meet up.  The only real problem with this one is that it was labeled a contemporary romance, but the characters didnít even meet until near the end of the story.  Sally Sorenson has written an enjoyable story, but it ends before the romance part comes in.  Still, if you like travel stories and more romantic possibility than actual romance, youíll probably enjoy Picture Perfect.


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