Perfect by Judith McNaught
Pocket Books
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 0-671-78553-8
Reviewer: Melissa



Film director Zachary Benedict has been wrongly convicted of murder.  When the chance comes for him to escape from prison, he takes it only to end up kidnapping, school teacher, Julie Mathison.  Julie and Zack hide out in a secluded Colorado mountain cabin and there Julie learns more and more about Zack.  The more time Julie spends with him, the more she comes to believe in his innocence and she and Zack fall in love.  But, as Zack is hunted, events happen that force Julie to betray him.  Can Zack find it in his heart to forgive her?

Talk about the “perfect” way to spend a day!  Perfect is an older Judith McNaught title that I had read years ago, but truthfully, it’s a timeless romance that is wonderful reading for those who were unfortunate enough not to have the pleasure yet, and just right for those romance readers who are looking for a familiar title to re-read, much like I do, again and again and again!


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