Passion For The Game by Sylvia Day
Georgian romancel
ISBN: 0-7582-1759-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Maria, Lady Winter, lives a life subject to her stepfather, Lord Welton’s, whims.  She has been forced to endure things that would have broken a lesser woman, but Maria will do anything he asks to ensure the safety of her sister, whom Welton holds hostage.  The latest scheme Welton has hatched involves finding information about a notorious criminal, Christopher St. John, for blackmail.  However, this last “mission” Lord Welton has charged her with might cost her more than she is prepared to give.

The agents of the crown have finally trapped Christopher St. John, but St. John will be granted a pardon in exchange for helping to apprehend another criminal.  However, when St. John learns his target is the infamous Lady Winter the rules of the game change.  Now, he needs to investigate Lady Winter, her propensity for widowhood, and turn all evidence over to the crown.  He never expected that involvement with Lady Winter would change his life, but will both of them survive?

This is not your mother’s regency romance!  Passion For The Game is an edgy novel full of plot twists and raw sensuality.  This book is not your average romance; the characters are infuriating at times and the plots and counter-plots will keep you busy trying to anticipate how Ms. Day will get the characters their happy ending.  Sylvia Day crafts an action packed adventure where her characters are flawed and harsh making them seem as real as your next-door neighbor.  The eroticism of the sex scenes in this book is both raw and compelling, and they will leave you breathless.  Passion For The Game is a great read for the beach; so don’t forget to pick it up next time you go shopping.


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