Packing Heat by Hannah Beckham
Send 'em Packing series, book 1
Changeling Press
Ménage, Werewolves, Action/Adventure, Humor and Satire
ISBN 978-1-59596-716-9
Reviewed by Sharon



Empath Maya Eddings is a bodyguard and her latest case is somewhat dull, in spite of the attempted hit on her client’s life.  But things get interesting once Maya uses her investigative skills to help clear the name of her best friend’s little brother, Stephen Daniels. 

Stephen has had a crush on Maya since he was a teenager, but she never noticed him until now. However, on the night that Maya agreed to go out with him, Stephen is charged with murder.  But murder takes a back seat to tear-the-clothes-off sex they have once Stephen is released from police custody.  This need is a little surprising to Maya, seeing as how earlier that day she had some doggy loving from her local werewolf and neighbor with benefits, Matt Brewer.

But nothing is as it seems.  Stephen is really part incubus, cursed to have sex with anyone.  Although there is no cure, if Stephen found the right lover, he might be able to keep his demon part from seeking out others.  Matt believes that Maya is his mate and is willing to resort to devious measures to have this come true.  So who should Maya choose?

Maya is a modern woman and doesn’t take much guff from anyone, human or otherwise.  And Matt and Stephen have their own qualities which make them attractive.  Packing Heat is packed with the unusual, but it all works.  Matt must confront the fact that the woman he considers his mate is sleeping with another man, and things that go bump in the night actually inhabit Kansas City (who knew?).  Additionally, Maya must decide how to proceed with two men in her life, each of whom wants her for himself.

This Happy For Now story left me wanting more, which is a good thing, seeing how this is the first in the series.


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