Out of the Box 2 by Kallysten
On the Edge
Paranormal Romance (Vampire)
Reviewed by Cassie



One week after her night with the vampire Anando, Virginia finally returns to On the Edge.  She’d wanted to satisfy her curiosity about vampires and nothing more, but as the days pass she realizes one night wasn’t enough.  Anando seems to want even more than she’s given so far, but is she willing to give him what he wants?

Out of the Box 2 added a lot to the story begun in the first one.  Anando is more developed in this book, his personality coming out more clearly.  Virginia is kind of wishy-washy, but I suppose I can understand that seeing as how she’s never been in such a situation before.  As in the first one, the story is very well-written, with excellent description—especially during the sex scene.  The only thing I didn’t like was the candle (you’ll have to read the book to see what I mean).  Overall, Out of the Box 2 is a quick, enjoyable read, although I would recommend reading Out of the Box first.


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