Out of the Box by Kallysten
On the Edge
Paranormal Romance (Vampire)
Reviewed by Cassie



Virginia goes to On the Edge, a vampire-friendly club, hoping to pick up a vampire.  She’s always been curious about sex with a vampire, and being bitten.  At the club, she meets the vampire Anando, who takes her to his home for the night.  Will it be a one-night stand, or more?

I love vampires, so I figured I would love Out of the Box.  The vampire club was a cool setting to begin the story in, and I could identify with Virginia’s curiosity.  The sex scene was well written, and I liked Kallysten’s style.  Even so, while I thought the story was okay, I didn’t love it.  The whole thing was framed as a letter to “Lady Aphrodite.”  Maybe I was just overanalyzing, but that bugged me because I had no clue if the Lady in question was really the goddess Aphrodite or more of a diary-type device.  That particular aspect was never explained.  The story was also in first-person, which made Anando’s character not as developed as I would have liked.  Yes, he was a sexy vampire, but by the end, I felt like I didn’t know much more than that.  I wasn’t big on the ending either, although there was the possibility of happiness in the future for Anando and Virginia.  Perhaps the next installment of Out of the Box will give me a more satisfying ending. 

*Note: Part of a series, but stands alone*


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