Ordinary Vamp by A.J. Cove
Amira Press
Reviewed by Tanya



Kevin works in tech support, though he isn’t a real geeky guy, he likes the work.  He is seriously lusting after a co-worker who doesn’t even remember his name.  So he tries another tactic and dogs her best friend to try and get her to set them up.

Jessie can’t figure out why the pest keeps bugging her to set him up with Anna.  Especially since Anna doesn’t even remember who he is.  Furthermore Jessie is busy planning her wedding and future and doesn’t want to be bothered with Kevin’s problems.

After a turn of events suddenly everything changes and Kevin might not be who everyone thinks he is.

I loved the premise of Ordinary Vamp, but the overall story left me thinking “what the heck”.  I started out feeling sorry for Kevin but was too annoyed with him by the end of the story to cheer him on.  I felt as though the author was rushing and left too many details out of the story once the half way point was completed, and the overall wrap up was too rushed.  That being said, I will still look for other works from this author.


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