Only Love by Kit Tunstall
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Shapeshifter
ISBN: 9781419910678
Reviewed by Georgia



Needing to feel the crisp, clean air as the preparations for her wedding begin, Elisa takes a late night run in only her fur.  As the daughter of the Beta of the Sundown Pack, Elisa is rarely afforded the opportunity to run without supervision.  And for good reason!  She meets up with another werewolf and in the grip of moonlust, she spends the evening with him.  Imagine her surprise when she wakes to find Mical, an Omega pack member lying next to her.

Mical has fantasized about Elisa ever since her return to Evergreen Island.  He never imagined that he would get the chance to meet her, let alone make love to her.  A relationship between them is impossible but neither can deny the pull they feel.  Will they be able to resist or will they take a chance on Only Love?

This story starts with a bang and just keeps getting better.  Ms. Tunstall introduces the main characters in a way that quickly draws your interest and as the conflict is established, the relationship builds.  Elisa and Mical act recklessly but soon realize their instincts are right on target.  Their sexual encounters are hot and play out well within the storyline.  Only Love just skims over the details surrounding the Sundown Pack, so there is most definitely plenty of material for further books.  In the meantime, enjoy Elisa and Micalís story of passion and love.


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