Once Upon a Liam by Willa Okati
Brotherhood Interlude
Loose Id
LGBT Paranormal / Rites of Spring
ISBN: 978-1-59632-435-0
Reviewed by Shannon



Jordan has always believed in mythical creatures, which is a good thing considering who his occasional bed partner is. Coming home from work, heís exhausted but he canít resist stroking himself, thinking of his lover. When he calls for Liam, the incubus comes to him, making things even more incredible. But, soon Liam is going to need more from Jordan, and Jordanís not about to let him go without a promise.

Once Upon a Liam brings us the one member of the Brotherhood Iíve been panting to read about. Liam has made an appearance in every Brotherhood novel, and itís about time he gets his own love! Jordan is the perfect complement to him, and I loved the glimpse into their relationship. I canít wait to see what happens next.


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