On Fire by Drew Zachary
Torquere Press
Erotic Gay Contemporary
ISBN-10: 1934166510 ISBN-13: 978-1934166512
Reviewed by Cassie



Sam, an eighteen-year-old college student, is at a Canada Day celebration when he runs into his favorite kind of distraction, a hot, uniformed fireman.  Robert is flattered and attracted, so he agrees to come home with Sam for what he expects will be a one-night stand.  They are both surprised when the attraction lingers and stronger feelings begin to develop.  Will the two men be able to continue their relationship despite their age difference and very different lives?

Before you read On Fire, be prepared, because this book is HOT!  Sam is always ready for action, and Robert is willing to oblige him.  Luckily, that isnít all there is to this story, however.  Along with the well-written and hot sex scenes, thereís also humor, character development, and a sweet romance that was touching and believable.  Sam and Robert are both great characters.  Sam is young, energetic, loyal, and determined.  Robert is passionate, indulgent, caring, and a bit possessive (in a good way).  Despite their age difference and different places in life, the two men work to find common ground and forge a new path together.  Drew Zachary did a wonderful job of portraying both characters, making them and their problems realistic and interesting.  If you like firemen, hot sex, and sweet romance, then pick up On Fire ASAP.  You wonít be disappointed!


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