Nothing Personal by Jaci Burton
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-59998-170-X
Reviewed by Nannette



Ryan McKay needs to get married in five hours or he loses control of McKay Corporation.  When his chosen bride walks out on him, he decides his executive assistant, Faith Lewis, would be a suitable replacement.  Faith has been attracted to Ryan for the past five years.  Although she is afraid of losing her heart to Ryan, Faith is convinced that she’ll never get him any other way. 

Their ‘in name only’ marriage is changing quickly, but Ryan and Faith have to overcome their pasts before it ruins their future happiness.

Nothing Personal is a sexy love story.  Faith and Ryan are very compatible.  Faith lacks self-esteem and Ryan is a man determined not to make his parent’s mistakes.  Their love and passion heals them.  In Nothing Personal, things become very personal in this intimate, romantic and sexy story.


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