Nick’s Lady by Katherine Kingston
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Romance/Ménage/BDSM
ISBN: 9781419910876
Reviewed by Tanya



Andrea can’t seem to shake a stalker.  She acquired him when she finally got up enough courage to go to a local BDSM club.  Now this guy thinks they are to be together and she can’t get rid of him.  When he tries to accost her at her job her boss steps in.  Nick takes control of the situation and makes Andrea an offer that not only stuns her but might make some of her fantasies come true.

Nick can’t believe that Andrea might be interested in the same things that he is, and might not find his BDSM tendencies to be freaky.  After spending time with her and learning her strong connection to family and friends, will he be able to settle some of his personal demons?  Nick considers his close friends his family and barely tolerates his real family.

Andrea and Nick grow closer together and Nick is there for her when her family is struck by an anticipated but still unwelcome change.  But, will Nick be able to take care of his demons before he ruins the best thing that has come into his life?

Nick’s Lady is a well written steamy romance with a level of suspense thrown in.  I enjoyed how the characters all seem to have their own weaknesses but, they are made stronger by being friends and fighting things together.  If you like a hot steamy ménage then Nick’s Lady will be one that you will need to seek out.  I look forward to reading other offerings from this author.


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