New Blood by Amy Gallow
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-857-2
Reviewed by Klarissa



With her spirit connected to a mortal female name Samara, Dael did her work using the mortal body.  As a chosen, Samara would reap rewards once Dael decides to move to another host.  Samara, however, has other plans.

Listening to a higher entity called Peter, Samara blindsides Dael allowing her physical body to be captured.  Dael feels the new power inside the mind of Samara as does the collective ďhiveĒ.  The hive, the other spirits inside hosts, and Belen, the Hive Master, abandon Dael when they sense her distress, leaving her to cope on her own with a future unknown.

Daelís banishment sets her on a course that could change history and also find love in a body all her own.

I found New Blood a little difficult to get into.  Others have loved this story, but it just didnít do it for me.  I didnít feel the hive or the chosen were described enough to get a handle on what Dael was to Samara.  Once I got past the beginning, the middle and end turned out to be good.  Amy Gallow created great emotions with the characters, but the plot fell a little flat.


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