Never Too Late by Caitlyn Willows
Teamwork, Book 5
Amber Heat
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-051-0 (Electronic)
Reviewed by Cassie



Simon Petrocelli and Emily Keating used to have it all: two beautiful children, a baby on the way, and what seemed to be a perfect marriage.  Underneath the veneer, however, all was not well.  A terrible tragedy tore them apart, and Emily told Simon never to contact her again.  Now Simon has caught the man who ruined their lives, and he wants Emily back.  Is it too late for them?

Never Too Late seemed like the beginning of a good story.  Simon and Emily had both made terrible, heartbreaking mistakes, and both blamed themselves for the destruction of their family.  When they met again, their reunion was both hot and emotional.  I liked both characters and wanted them to be able to stay together.  After they got together initially, a couple of conflicts were hinted at but never followed up on.  I was expecting some sort of issue to make their reunion more difficult, but the conflict never really materialized.  While I enjoyed Never Too Late, I felt like Caitlyn Willows could have given me a more emotionally satisfying ending by throwing a few problems in their path.  Nonetheless, if you like stories of lovers reunited after a terrible tragedy, youíll probably like Never Too Late.

*Note: This is book 5 of a series.  While I havenít read most of the other books in the series and understood this one well enough, it would probably be better to read the other books before this one (especially book 4, as Simon is a character in it).*


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