Marda's Hunt by Kyla Logan
Series: Ainen Chronicles
Published by Changeling Press
Paranormal / Sci-Fi / Menage / Vampire
ISBN: 978-1-59596-454-0
Reviewed by Michelle



Marda, High Priestess of Dana, is highly irritated at having to be on the backward planet of Earth, especially without her powers.  In order to restore her powers and allow her to fulfill her duties as High Priestess, she must obey her Lady and find her mate.

Cayden Macleod is lonely and tired with his existence on Earth.  He longs for his promised mate.  Cayden and his "family", they are from an Aine ship that crashed on Earth thousands of years earlier, have had to exist in the darkness since Earth's sun is too harsh for them.

Marda and Cayden meet and immediately the mate-pull strengthens, they must complete their joining quickly, at the urging of the Goddess Dana as well as her sister, the Goddess Aine.  The goddesses are skimpy with the details of plans to help Aine's lost children, but give Marda and Cayden enough facts to get them started.  They are grateful for the help provided but know they aren't being told much.

Marda's Hunt skillfully lays the groundwork for further stories in the Ainen Chronicles.  You get two strong personalities in Marda and Cayden who happily surprise each other, since they weren't exactly what the each other imagined their prospective mate to be like.  The goddesses, Dana and Aine, are involved in a spot of intrigue in their attempts to provide help to their people without the other gods becoming aware of their assistance.  I loved the erotic play between Marda and Cayden with the added spice of Jordan, Cayden's "brother"; this was balanced well with the development of the plans being made for their futures.  I can't wait to find out Jordan's story as well as seeing more of Marda and Cayden.  A great story on its own that leaves you wanting to read further in the Ainen Chronicles.


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