Loveís Strategy by Samantha Kane
Brothers In Arms, Book 3
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419911606
Reviewed by Rosemary



Valentine Westridge and Kurt Schillig were waiting in the parlor to meet the widow Leah Marleston, carrying a letter of introduction from a mutual friend.  Valentine and Kurt were searching for a wife they could share.   Leah is at her witís end, creditors have taken everything she owns and she must find a way to support herself and two young children. 

Loveís Strategy is an erotic romance that bypasses the regency social rules.  Valentine wanted a life in the country with a wife and children, but he is not willing to give up Kurt.  Kurt wanted Valentine period, or so they thought.  After meeting Leah, both men discovered they would do whatever it took to keep her.  Leah discovered that her husband had been sadly lacking in the bedroom and that she could have double the pleasure with Valentine and Kurt.  Samantha Kane is inventive with a, not your usual, regency romance.  I enjoyed the story, especially the sensual love scenes.  Loveís Strategy is a great read.


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