Love Script by Tiffany Ashley
New Concepts Publishing
Reviewed by Delia



Laney Parks is happy with her life. She has a great boyfriend, a good job in advertising and a wonderful best friend. And best of all, she’s going on a romantic ten-day cruise with her boyfriend, who may just be her fiancé by the time they dock. Yes, life is good.

How could she have known that, by deciding to surprise her boyfriend by packing for him, she would get the surprise? Laney catches him in the act with the blond, white lawyer from his firm? And to find out that it’s been going on for years! That it was just sex and this was their goodbye **ck!  Devastated, Laney decides to take the cruise on her own.

Nicolas Sinclair has it all, but he wants more. He wants the Zelman account for his company and he’d do just about anything to get it. Even lie and say he was married and then take one of his girlfriends on the same ten-day cruise the Zelman’s are taking to celebrate their anniversary. It will take some fancy footwork, but Nick is determined to have the account by the end of the cruise. He has it all under control. What could go wrong?

First the girlfriend dumps him when he won’t marry her for real. Second, his rival is on the same cruise with his “wife”, and third, one of his employees in standing right behind him in line!

With the account on the line, Nick promises Laney a promotion if she will agree to be his pretend “wife” on the cruise. Laney doesn’t want to do it; she doesn’t date white guys, even if they do have a cute butt! However the temptation of a promotion overrides her concerns and besides, what can happen in ten days?

Love Scripttakes two extremely opposite characters and an unwilling attraction and then proceeds to create situations that bring out the best and worst of each. Frankly, in the beginning I did not like Nicolas. He seemed selfish and arrogant, and he was. Bringing Laney into the mix really caused this character to, well, get character. He became less abrasive and more compassionate. Laney was strong from the very beginning and I cheered her on as she took on Nick. She had to struggle to accept that love doesn’t matter what color you are, it just is. Love Script shows you that love doesn’t follow a straight path. There will be twists and turns and sometimes the ending you think you want isn’t the one that will make you happy.


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