Love Saves the Day by Alyx Shaw
Torquere Press
Gay erotic romance, anthology
Reviewed by Cassie



If I Listen

Brian is in his squalid apartment, worrying about the future, when he gets an unexpected phone call.  His old lover, Roger, who has become a huge rock star, is on the line.  With his life spiraling out of control, can Roger’s call be anything but an ending?

If I Listen was my favorite out of the three stories.  Brian is a truly desperate man, sad and broken but determined to hold on to his pride.  Roger is a rather larger-than-life character—he’s a rock star, kind, funny, and a knight in shining armor type of guy.  Despite the completely unrealistic nature of the story, the shameless romantic in me loved the ending. 


Life Out There

Sebastian Black is placing probes to observe animals on a planet called Sferkkaa when his ship crashes.  After he wanders through the jungle for days, lost and hungry, he is captured by Colonel Tiffannakha (Tiff) CZimmcocious.  He is given two choices: die in space or live out his life on Sferkkaa.  Will he be able to adjust to life on an unfamiliar planet?

Life Out There was an interesting futuristic tale.  Sebastian, the narrator, is amusing at times and surprisingly adaptable.  Tiff is physically strong despite his small stature, yet mentally scarred by his experiences in a war.  These two very different characters made a fascinating couple, and I would like to read more about them.


The Baron of Crows

Former bookbinder and teacher Vyllis loses his lover, Senrith, and his home in a short period of time.  He is grateful when Baron Arranis asks him to be a live-in tutor for his children.  Still, things aren’t what they seem.  Will Vyllis’s new home prove to be a haven or a prison?

The Baron of Crows is a historical/fantasy story.  Vyllis is a man who has lost everything and is willing to take whatever opportunities come to him without looking at them too closely.  A few times I lost patience with him and his stubborn refusal to see the truth.  Arranis is a truly menacing character, alternating between kindness and coldness with ease.   The premise of this story is definitely a good one, but it was my least favorite of the three stories.  I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone, so I won’t say too much, but I will say that the story left me feeling a bit sad.  The dark, melancholy tone and bittersweet edge kept me from truly enjoying this one.


Love Saves the Day delivers a variety of stories from wildly different times and places.  Alyx Shaw’s versatility definitely shows here.  If you’re in the mood to try a new author or put a little variety into your reading diet, Love Saves the Day is a good choice. 


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