Love Cure by Kai Andersen
The Collector Series, Book Six
Loose Id
Vampire Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-450-3
Reviewed by Bella March



After receiving a cryptic letter about a healing statuette, Marianne meets a man simply known as The Collector.   In exchange for her traveling half way across the world to retrieve the mysterious demi-goddess, not only would she have access to the statuette’s healing powers, which would come in handy for her ill brother, Lex, but she’d also receive a handsome monetary reward, which would help pay off her brother’s doctor bills.  There’s just one catch.  She’d have to travel with Nicholas, the man who, inexplicably, disappeared from her life seven years ago.

Nicholas is still affected by Marianne, even after so many years have passed, but he can’t bear to tell her the real reason he left her.  He can’t just tell her that he was struck by a car and, while he lay dying on the road, was turned into a vampire by a passing stranger!  And that he couldn’t return to her because he didn’t want to destroy her life!

As Nicholas and Marianne continue their mission, sexual tension mounts and the plot thickens as they battle natural disaster, as well as a despicable villain in order to retrieve the statue and return home in time to cure Marianne’s brother.   But while they’re focusing on healing Lex, will they also be able to heal each other’s hearts in the process and find their happily ever after?

Love Cure is a fascinating read.  I loved the way The Collector brought together these two people who’d loved and lost, in hopes that they’d love again.  My heart ached for Nicholas and Marianne as they obviously remained in love with each other, even though their prior parting was so heart wrenching.  The plot reminded me of a vampire Raiders of the Lost Ark, with adventure, disaster and a trek to a far off place in search of something ethereal and priceless.  The plot twist towards the end tugged at my heartstrings even further, and when the story ended, I found myself wishing for more.  Kai Andersen did a fabulous job with Love Cure.  I know I’ll be searching out the rest of The Collector series for more great reading entertainment.


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