Lord Dronovic by Jennifer Mueller
The Dark Castle Lords
Medieval Romance
ISBN: 978-1-921347-10-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Lord Dronovic has finally finished his required service to his King and is able to return to the Orkney Islands where his dowry lands and bride await him.  While he was married 4 years ago he doesn’t remember his wife much at all.  He is stunned with the changes in his bride and her beauty is not the only change, she is spunky and has a great smile.  Will they be able to start over and build more than a castle on the land?

Lord Dronovic is an extremely fast paced story by Jennifer Mueller.  I continue to enjoy her wit and characters.  But, this particular novella leads me wanting more; it seems as if it is a teaser to a lengthier story.  That being said the writing was well done as was the editing.  If you want a fast paced story and like medieval romances you will like Lord Dronovic.


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