Lonely Places by A.L. Debran
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 1-60088-016-9
Reviewed by Georgia



Shot and left for dead, the woman who awakens in the Colorado boarding house has no idea who she is, or who would want to kill her.  She fears the loneliness she feels inside and latches onto the dark and dangerous man who rescued her.  Vowing never to be alone again, Elliotte Sorin convinces Beau to provide her with the relative safety of a false marriage.

Yet Beau Hyatt is a driven man, searching for the men who killed his first wife.  Although he is drawn to Elliotte’s strength and amazing will to live, he cannot give her his heart.  His frequent absences and inner anguish pushes Elliotte into the arms of another man. 

Liam Mederi, the son of the owners of the boarding house, knows that Elliotte is taken but cannot resist her gentle spirit and loving ways.  Even when she becomes pregnant, he loves her with his whole being and acts as her husband in all but one way.  When Beau’s jealousy rears its head, Elliotte must find a way to make Beau break the vow they made when both were in their Lonely Places.

A.L. Debran has penned a tale that will capture your attention, draw you into the lives of these characters and leave you aching for their pain.  Lonely Places is poignant, painful and achingly realistic.  The characters are so well developed that by the end of the story, you’ll feel as though you know them.  Elliotte and Beau have felt the pain that real living leaves.  On the other hand, Liam’s sheltered upbringing and loving attitude gives Elliotte a glimpse of what she’d always dreamed of.  Lonely Places showcases her struggle to live with the decisions she has, and must, make.  This twisting, turning, surprising tale is one that anyone who loves an emotionally engaging story will not want to miss.


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