Loganís Fall by Beverly Havlir
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Futuristic Romance
ISBN 9781419911071
Reviewed by Nannette



Logan Miían is a Cyborg warrior.  His painful past causes terrible nightmares that leave him with nearly debilitating headaches.  Sharra Ardez is a psychic empath who is experiencing Loganís dreams along with him.  Sharra is a slave.  She lives with Aníric, the Lord Marshall of Zalianís son, but she has just been given to Logan as a gift.  Upon seeing Logan, Sharra realizes that she was destined to be with him.  Logan doesnít want a wife, but he wants the pleasure Sharra can provide him.  Heís sure Aníricís claims that she is cold are untrue and he plans to prove it as soon as possible.

Sharra is traveling to Karníal with Logan. Empaths are hated there, so she keeps her identity a secret from everyone, including Logan.  When he finds out, his reaction causes her to lose all hope of ever gaining his love.

Loganís Fall is a fast-paced story full of sex, emotion and excitement.  Logan is sexy and imposing.  Sharra is sweet and kind.  She is exactly what Logan needed.  I breathed a sigh of relief when the angst turned around for them.  The Ritual of Acceptance at the end is hot but a bit impersonal.  Loganís Fall is a good story with a satisfying, romantic ending.


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