Last Resort by Jennah Sharpe
In The Runes
Cobblestone Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-085-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Hollywood starlet Kate LaCroix has the fame and fortune that she has always wanted.  But, the one thing that she craves the most these days is some time to herself.  She can’t even escape with her best friend to the beach while in Hawaii. 

She is finally going to get her wish and is on a private charter to Serenity Spa, with a cranky pilot named James Payton.

James is tired of ferrying people that make him feel like a second class citizen.  But, he is surprised as to how well this starlet is taking the plane going down, and not at her spa.  In fact she is quite the trooper and he finds himself very attracted to him.

The problem is, are they really all alone on a deserted island, and what did Kate see  when she climbed to the top of the cliff?  Will they become endangered before they get closer?

Last Resort is a great addition to the “In the Runes” series.  Jennah Sharpe does a good job in describing the series of events that leave the characters stranded on the tropical island, as well as their responses to this event.  The plot line was easy to follow and it did have a couple of nice twists and turns along the way.  Last Resort would be a great read for someone planning a tropical vacation, or just wants to escape on one.


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