Kiss and Dwell by Kelley St. John
Harlequin Blaze
Contemporary/Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-79329-7
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Monique Vicknair comes from a very unusual and somewhat secretive family.  She and her siblings are mediums who help lost souls find their way to the other side.  Being a channel for spirits is not something Monique appreciates very much and she usually finds a way to help her assigned spirit to cross over and then she is done.  She doesn’t want to know how they died and she doesn’t want any details as to their previous lives.  When it is time for a new assignment, her skin starts burning and she knows she must return to the plantation home she grew up in and await her duties. 

Monique’s latest assignment involves Ryan Chappelle and she must somehow teach him to love, something he was unable to do when he was alive.  Easier said than done because Monique only has nine days, and according to ghost Ryan, love ain’t happening because he is happy right where he is and has no desire to cross over to the other side. 

At first I didn’t think I would like Kiss and Dwell by reading the blurb on the back cover.  Deciding to pick it up once again, I opened it and began reading.  Five hours later, I closed the book, wiped the tears from my face, and smacked my forehead for not reading Kiss and Dwell sooner.  What a truly poignant and heart wrenching story this was!  I was blown away by the emotions of each character.  I felt when they felt and I cried when they cried.  Kiss and Dwell was outstanding, and I am so glad I decided to give it a chance.


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