Kinsey and the Exotic Dancing Princess by Tonya Ramagos
Siren Publishing
Fantasy/Fairy Tale
ISBN 1-933563-03-6-A3
Reviewed by Rosemary



The king offered a bounty to the man who could tell him what Princess Damita does each night when she sneaks out of her locked room.  Kinsey, a broke and injured soldier takes up the challenge to discover where Princess Damita spends her nights.


Kinsey and the Exotic Dancing Princess is a tantalizing story of a bored princess who loves to dance, so she sneaks out to the village and dances in the Pub.  Kinsey discovers he is more attracted to the princess than he is the offered gold.  Her exotic dancing inflames his senses.  Tonya Ramagos writes a creative and sexy battle of wit.  Enjoyable read.


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