Jordan's Quest by Kyla Logan
Series: Ainen Chronicles
Published by Changeling Press
Paranormal / Sci-Fi / Menage / Vampire
ISBN: 978-1-59596-455-7
Reviewed by Michelle



The Ainen Chronicles continue with Jordan's Quest.  Jordan McCabe has been forging ahead with the plans to repair his ship.  Despite missing his best friend, Cayden, he has made quite a bit of headway in setting up the lab that is integral in providing the alternate fuel source for the ship.  The few trips Cayden and Marda have taken back to earth to pass along more information, have also given them a glimpse into the various intrigues going on among the gods and goddesses.  This helps to stave off his loneliness at his mateless state.

Dr. Micaela Annan, Caela to her friends, is a brilliant scientist who is eager for a chance to focus on her research and development of alternative fuel sources.  Ainen Industries offers her this opportunity and more.  Caela notices a tantalizing scent when she arrives for her interview, could it be her mate?  She is intrigued by this possibility but leery as well since she can tell that her employers aren't quite human.

In this continuing saga of the Ainen, we are introduced to more pieces of the puzzle.  However, while answering some of the questions surrounding the various plots and machinations they also raise more speculation.  The introduction of Gaea and her people add another layer to Jordan's Quest that I definitely want to delve into further.  The relationship between Caela and Jordan develops quickly and is enhanced by the revealing of further intrigues and dangers that require the children of the Goddesses Aine and Gaea to work together closely if they are to be successful.  Whose story will be told next, Rohan's, Eilish's or her twin Aislin's?  I am eagerly awaiting the further writings of Kayla Logan in the Ainen Chronicles.


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