Johnny Loves Krissy by KyAnn Waters
Triskelion Publishing
ISBN: 1-60186-062-5
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Johnny is a student in his mid 20’s, on his way to being a lawyer.  He is one of 8 kids and is working hard to put himself through school.  He dates occasionally but he has always been drawn to his best friend Krissy.

Krissy and Johnny have been friends since third grade.  It was shortly after the start of high school that Johnny knew he was in love with Krissy, but since she doesn’t seem to return his feelings, he settles for being her best friend.  They share everything and are part of a ‘six pack’ of friends that hang out together and frequently meet for drinks after work.

Krissy sells kitchen cabinetry and redesigns kitchens for a living.  Her friends humorously call her the ‘wood girl’.  Krissy is dealt a blow when her doctor tells her that she will need to have a hysterectomy within a year.  Krissy decides that though it wasn’t in her plans for a while, she suddenly wants a child.  She turns to Johnny to help her pick out who the sperm donor will be.  She is planning on doing a ‘hock up and run’ maneuver, and not get serious with the guy.  When she springs this on Johnny he is stunned, then mad she hasn’t considered him, then frustrated when she might be finally looking in his direction.  But, will it just be for a hit and run or for more?

Johnny Loves Krissy is the first story I have read by KyAnn Waters, but it won’t be the last.  I loved they way she let us into both Johnny’s head, as well as Krissy’s, making both characters seem more human.  I was drawn into the story quickly and have to say that I was rooting for Johnny all the way, even when he pulls a few stupid maneuvers.  The friends are brought into the story at the appropriate times and it is interesting to see just how their advice changes parts of the story, whether for the better or worse.  KyAnn Waters writes sassy characters with some hot romance scenes.  If you pick up Johnny Loves Krissy for one of your spring reads you won’t be disappointed.


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