Isle of Desire by Eden Bradley
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 1-60088-041-x
Reviewed by Klarissa



A pact made twelve years ago is what brought Isabel Asher to Playa de La Luna, a beach off the coast of Venezuela.  Twelve years before, Raphael Cruz and Isabel met and spent time together before she had to go back to the states.  Sharing a birthday they decided to meet up on their thirtieth birthdays to see if what they thought was only teenage love could possibly be the real thing.  As Isabel stands on the beach, she wonders if Rafael will show up.  After all, twelve years is a long time to wait.

Isle of Desire is exactly what the title implies.  Full of desire and passion, Isabel and Rafael explore what they have and what the future might hold for the both of them.  Ms. Bradley has captured rich emotion and a fantasy any woman might long for.  Isle of Desire is a quick welcome escape from real life.


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