Into the Flame by Jade Morrison
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 978-1-59578-349-3
Reviewed by Rosemary



Chicago firefighter, Jack Lawrence, and Kendra Saxton meet when he rescues her from a burning high rise.  Kendra is a legal assistant, but when her boss dies in the fire, she gets a job with the Chicago Daily newspaper on the condition that she delivers an exclusive interview with local hero, Jack.  Kendraís motives for becoming a reporter causes misunderstanding, Jack believes the press exploits the suffering he is trying to prevent.

Into The Flame is a look into the decisions that people can make to either cause or cure the situations that they find themselves in.  Jack is a sexy firefighter that not only fights fires, he starts a few flames in Kendra.  Inspired by Jack, Kendra reports the dangers firefighters face.  She refuses to give up the passion she shared with Jack.  Jade Morrison has created a very interesting view of the impact people have on each otherís lives. Into The Flame is a very touching story with sensual love scenes.  I enjoyed the real life drama.


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