I, Robot Valentine by Alison Paige
Valentine Vixen’s series
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419908590
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Fresh from her divorce and reluctant to go into another relationship with a man Ally Strongberg decides to purchase a Companion robot to satisfy her sexual gratification as a Valentine’s Day gift to herself.  And, it doesn’t hurt that her Companion looks exactly like her old high school friend and the creator of the Companion robots, Dr. Thomas Zentry.  However, the more time Ally spends with her sex robot the more she wishes for a chance to be with the real Thomas.  Little does Ally know that Thomas had the same idea as she. Just maybe all her fantasies might come true with her sexbot this Valentine’s.

I found I, Robot Valentine to be a humorous, romantic, and wickedly naughty read.  I, Robot Valentine will have you bowing over with laughter one minute and then, in the very next heated with lustful desire.  Thomas had always been somewhat of a shy person and never could build up the nerve to ask Ally out, so in order to fulfill both his and Ally’s desires, Thomas decided to secretly become Ally’s robotic Companion.  Talk about a very difficult task for Thomas because as a robot he was not supposed to show any type of emotions nor did his body need any time for recovery after a sexual act.  And, if that wasn’t enough, there was one episode that involved Thomas and a secondary character that was so hilarious that I could not stop laughing.  Overall, the plot was very entertaining and a joy to read.  The sexual encounters were intensely passionate and enormously arousing to say the least.  You can’t go wrong with I, Robot Valentine.  Enjoy!


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