I Do by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain
Elloraís Cave
Naughty Nuptials
M/M Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-41991-141-5
Reviewed by Tera



Jason Chenís wife died of cancer sixteen years ago and he hasnít had anyone since. Now that his only son is getting married, the loneliness heís always felt is worse. When heís late for the rehearsal dinner and ends up meeting the brother of his sonís bride, an instant friendship is sparked. But after an evening of drinking, he wonders if what heís feeling might be more than friendship.

Randy Ohara is instantly attracted to the gorgeous man he sees at a rock concert, but doesnít think heíll ever see him again. Especially since heís only in New York for a short time to attend his sisterís wedding. Much to his surprise, the same man he canít get out of his head strolls into the bar where his sisterís wedding rehearsal dinner just ended. That man just happens to be his sisterís future father-in-law, who canít possibly be gay.

I liked I Do, even though I found it a little too unbelievable to really happen. The sex was hot, so that was definitely a plus. One thing I found a little hard to get past was the first line that Jason spoke to Randy in the bathroom at the bar. It put a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended) and it took a while to forget about that and see Jason in a ďsexualĒ way. Then again, Iím not a New Yorker and Iím not a gay male, so maybe it was just my messed up Indiana, straight female point of view. Haha. Overall, I liked it, though. Good job, ladies!


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