I Could Just Eat You Up by Beverly Rae
eXtasy Books
Reviewed by Tanya



Lawyer Rayne is having her coworker and neighbor over for dinner.  They commiserate about how hard it is to find a good man.  Rayne has been charged with bringing cookies to this year’s Christmas party and after taking heat for bringing store bought last year this year she is baking.  But, after a bit of wine with Shelly she decides that she is also going to make a ‘special batch’ of cookies.  This batch will be anatomically correct gingerbread men, well a bit enhanced.

The problem is what has happened to her cookies and was her wine induced dreams real or just fantasy.

I Could Just Eat You Up is a fast paced Christmas Fantasy come true.  The story is humorous and uses a lot of imagination.  I found myself suddenly wanting to bake cookies while reading this, before I even knew just how good gingerbread men could be.  If you are one who daydreams about things while baking you will enjoy I Could Just Eat You Up and Beverly Rae will give you new avenues for your daydreams.


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