Homecoming by Autumn Dawn
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
ISBN 1-58608-870-x
Reviewed by Cassie



Wiley James is camping in the Alaskan wilderness when three strange men appear; claiming Wiley is their missing cousin.  Afraid, Wiley changes into her wolf form, but to her shock the men do the same.  When Wiley awakens, she’s been kidnapped and taken to the Darklands, a world full of people just like Wiley.  She is frightened by the strange world, and by her attraction to one of the men who abducted her…

Jayems has thought his betrothed, Lady Rihlia, lost for the past twenty years.  He is astonished and happy to find her camping in Alaska near the portal to the Darklands.  He takes her home at once, wanting to marry her.  She only wants to go home, however.  Can he convince Wiley her place is with him?

Homecoming is a futuristic set in a fascinating and complicated world.  As is stated on the publisher’s website, the story isn’t really meant to stand-alone.  Homecoming is a very complex story and would probably be best if read after the other Darklands books as the publisher suggests.  That said, I haven’t read the other Darklands books, and I still got the gist of the story and enjoyed it.  Wiley’s toughness was great, as was Jayems’ protectiveness.  The storyline was quick and involving, with lots of conflict and sexual tension.  The secondary characters, especially Jasmine and Keilor (who I understand have their own story in another book), were a fun addition.  If you like futuristics and shapeshifters and want to explore an interesting new world, check out Homecoming.  Autumn Dawn’s excellent world-building makes it a very worthwhile read.


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