Highland Nights by Donna Grant
The Druid Glen, Book 2
New Concepts Publishing
Historical/Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-912-9
Reviewed by Lyonene



Fiona MacDougal is part of a prophecy.  Since the tragic murder of her parents and people by the MacNeil and his men, Fiona has lived in the relative safety of her foster parents, the Laird and Lady MacDougal.  Still in pain from being abandoned by her older sister, Moira, Fiona’s stable world is about to come crashing down around her ears once again.  Fiona has been ordered to return to Druid’s Glen to fulfill her part in the prophecy to stop the Evil One from ruling both the human and Fae worlds.  Although the warrior that has been sent to escort her to Druid’s Glen is the only one that has ever interested her, she knows that she must keep her distance.  Fiona feels that Gregor may be her mate, but she decides to guard her heart, no one that she loves will ever abandon her again.  She will do with Gregor what she has done with everyone else in her life; she’ll keep him at a distance.

Gregor has been a mercenary soldier since he was banished from his home by his father.  He deserved his banishment…through his inattention while they were at the loch, his little sister died.  He’s fought and trained for years, and now he is one of the most feared warriors in all of Scotland.  Never one to stay in one place long and never getting close enough to gain friends, Gregor is lonely, but in his eyes, deservedly so…he’s a monster and no fit company for anyone.  Meeting Fiona was much more than he expected.  She made him begin to long for what he had no right to; a loving wife and family, and a home to call his own.  He has to fight his attraction, the lovely, although saucy, woman was far out of his reach…too bad he has such a hard time convincing his heart of that.

Highland Nights is a terrific story that is packed with action, magick, passion, tragedy and love.  The characters are very well drawn and I had no trouble liking and loving many of them, along with the MacNeil that I easily loved to hate.  The only problem I had was that in several sections, the characters were misnamed, mixing up the ones that were in the scene with others, which totally threw me out of the story, and had me going back trying to figure out which character was supposed to be there.   Aside from the obvious problems, Highland Nights is a truly enjoyable tale.


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