Highland Lover by Hannah Howell
Zebra Historical Romance
Historical Romance
ISBN 0-8217-7759-9
Reviewed by Amelia



Alana Murray’s twin sister is missing. When her brothers set out to find their sibling, Alana does what any good sister would do. She follows them, keeping far enough behind so that they can’t send her back home. Unfortunately, she gets separated from them and captured by the Gowans, who want to hold her for ransom.

Gregor MacFingal Cameron has left his family in search of a bride. He thinks he’s found one and is on his way home to talk with his father when he is captured by the Gowans. He’s been in their prison a few days when they toss a child down with him. Gregor thinks the person sharing his cell is no child, but there’s no way to be sure.

Working together, Alana and Gregor break out of the prison and start a quest to find Alana’s sister. Along the way, they must keep ahead of the Gowans and battle the growing attraction that they feel for each other.

I very much enjoyed Highland Lover. Ms. Howell weaves a tale of adventure and romance that captures the reader and holds them spellbound. Particularly well done is Alana, who is a strong woman who won’t be taken advantage of. This was my first Hannah Howell adventure, and it won’t be my last. Lovers of historical fiction will enjoy this book very much.


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