Highland Dawn by Donna Grant
The Druidís Glen, Book 3
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-955-2
Reviewed by Klarissa



Being part of a prophecy, Moira thought she knew the role she would soon be playing in her destiny.  Set out on a journey to save the Fae people, Moira and Dartayous, the Druid Warrior, have many obstacles to overcome.  They each have secrets they must face, yet also work together to make the right choices.  Moira encounters her greatest desire as Lugus, The Evil One, offers her what he believes she wants. 

Dartayous has kept his distance and his hands off Moira no matter how tempting she has become.  This journey becomes not only a challenge in strength, but in heart and soul.  He must lead Moira back to her rightful path.  One he doesnít realize includes him.

Highland Dawn is a romance that includes the elements any fantasy lover would want.  Moira, Dartayous and all the secondary characters come alive across the pages.  The world, the beings, and the magic are so vivid you canít help but fall under their spell.  Highland Dawn is the first book in the The Druidís Glen series Iíve read.  It can be read alone, but youíll surely want to find the rest of the stories in this series.


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